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Conservative and integrative techniques of:
Chiropractic care, CranioSacral Therapy, Massage and Reiki.
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Mica Foster, DC



Mica Foster, DC

Mica Foster attended the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic graduating class of 2006.  She specializes in diversified techniques to enhance the biomechanical functioning of the joints of the body.  She also integrates massage, craniosacral therapy, reiki and sometimes guided meditation to her treatment modalities.  Typical treatment sessions run 45-60 minutes. 

What to expect on your visit?

 You will be welcomed with a smile, and we will discuss your current health issues, health history, activity level or restrictions, nutrition, and your personal health goals.  One goal that is always consistent is balance; of the mind, body and spirit.

 In the office, I will work on your physical restrictions and determine what factors may be hindering your healing.  And together, we will incorporate easy-to-do exercises, stretches, and nutrition protocols to further your wellness at home or to assist in your activities of daily living.

 I will help you find the most efficient way to better health, whether it is by my services or aiding you in a referral to another healthcare provider.

 Until we meet again, laugh often, play hard, lend a gentle kindness to others, and take good care.